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Customer Portable Shelter Challenge:

Needed a portable shelter or custom tent manufactured for marketing and sample distribution at events that was easy to set up by one person, fully enclosed except one door at the front, free standing, easily carried to the event, under a 2 minute setup time, and most importantly able to attract attention and create brand awareness by prominently displaying their logo to guarantee foot traffic.


Customer's Current Solution:

Using a scissors type canopy frame tent that was too bulky, heavy and impossible to set up by one diminutive sales person. The sales person would always have to ask passers by to help set up the tent. All sides were open so that customer traffic could not be controlled. Set up time was greater than one half hour for each event.


Pinnacle Tents Solution:

We started by creating a simple yet effective custom tent frame that would be integrated into the fabric of the portable shelter and still be light weight and quick to set up (to the right see the different model tents that we manufactured for this customer over the years). Our custom tent solution collapsed down to a manageable 40" long by 10" diameter bag that was light weight and easy for one person to carry. Once at the event, one person could easily remove the portable shelter from the bag, simply lock the hinges in place, and have an instant portable shelter in under 2 minutes. Better yet, at the end of the day long event the weary salesperson could simply unlock the hinges, fold them over with the tent fabric and insert the collapsed custom tent in the carry bag again in under 2 minutes.

Want to see how we can solve your portable shelter challenges? Send us your Request for Pinnacle Tents Quotation for tent manufacturing and see how fast and easily your perfect camping tents or portable shelters are delivered right to your door.

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Portable Shelter - USST

Portable Shelter - USST

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