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Customer Requested Portable Emergency Shelters Challenge:

A large commercial customer needed a huge number of portable emergency shelters to house migrant workers that harvested crops during the harvest season. This was part of an outreach program to provide education, medical care, healthy meals, and portable emergency shelter to employee’s children while the parents worked in the fields.


Customer’s Current Portable Emergency Shelters Solution:

Entire families would simply sleep out under the stars in the fields where they were harvesting crops.  There were no provisions for privacy or weather protection other than the infrequent tarp.


Pinnacle Tents Portable Emergency Shelters Solution:

Pinnacle Tents manufactured thousands of canvas wall tents to shelter the families to be used for portable emergency shelters as they moved from location to location during the harvest season.  We were invited to visit the fields and help pick up the children in the morning and transport them to company built schools where they received a formal education, nutritious meals, and medical checkups.   It was rewarding to see our contribution to this outreach program by providing portable emergency shelters to the families.

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Portable Emergency Shelters

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